Duration: 10 Days
Available: 1st, 11th, and 21st of the month
Fees: USD 320

50 Hour Meditation Course

Finding your true joy!

Online 50-hour Meditation intensive Course

to find your true joy and liberation!

This three-step journey shall cover all the essential aspects ensuring a gradual movement from our present peripheral living to a life of connectedness with the entire cosmos, wherein lies the seat of true liberation!

Come and experiment for yourself

Course details:

  • Freedom for the body:
    Meditations based on body movements and breathing exercises (15 hours)
    These techniques shall revolve around dancing, shaking, power breathing, Pranayama, whirling etc.
  • Freedom for the mind:
    Meditation techniques based on psychoanalysis, catharsis, mantras, hypnosis, and relaxation (15 hours)
  • Freedom “from” the self:
    Meditation techniques based on mindfulness, imagination along with guided meditations (20 hours).
    This will include Vipassana, Zazen, and self-enquiry apart from certain deep meditation techniques based on Vigyan bhairav tantra.
  • The above steps shall also involve a few surprise techniques interspersed in between to enhance the complete process of transformation