Our Teachers


Minakshi Dhankhar (Founder)

She has completed her 500 Hours from Rishikesh which is the world yoga capital.She has topped the Uttrakhand Sanskrit University, Haridwar. She started her carrier in an MNC as an HR professional. She was always suffering from her sinus and allergies. So joined yoga to cure hereself. When she recovered with yoga, she found it a miracle and started learning yoga from the core depth. She switched her profile completely. She has worked in few countries like Thailand, Maldives, Dubai, Sri lanka and some parts of india.

She has transformed thousands of lifes with their different physical issues like bursitis, Sciatica, back pain, covid-19, knee pain etc. She was telecasted in UK TV series- billie Diaries. She has been interviewed by Spotify Music as an influencing woman. She is working as a social media influencer, working with some Apps as a stress management coach. She has won many national levels compitions.


Pradeep Sheokand (Anatomy and Body Alignments)

Mr. Pradeep is well known in fitness world of india. He Trained many Bollywood Celebrities and cricketers, also he has worked with GMR group chairman as a personal coach. Mr Pradeep has previously worked in different corners of the world, He has been invited in many different places to spread the wellness like England, USA, Germany, Dubai, Singapore etc. His work previously recognized and published by international Magazine City Walker. He is very passonate about yoga, mr. pradeep is teaching hatha yoga, vinyasa yoga, human anatomy and pranayama with namaste yoga.


Dr. Nivedita Singh (Anatomy and Physiology)

Dr Nivedita has a dynamic and charismatic approach to Anatomy and Physiology training who has taught hundreds of students around the world. In her educational career she has done many research for International and National centers. her vast experience in various aspects of Yoga Anatomy & Ashtanga Yoga allow her to captivate her students' attention as she eloquently imparts the knowledge she has gained over the years. After acquiring a Masters degree in Biology, she completed the RYT500 from Rishikesh India. She has been awarded the star of the year in the Akasha Medical Institute, Dehradun in 2014.


Yogi Ajay Panadey (Ashtanga yoga, Vinyasa Yoga)

Yogi Ajay was inspired to explore his own personal yoga practice after realizing the transformative benefits he could develop mentally, spiritually and physically. He began teaching yoga after higher studies in many different institutes in rishikesh, with a strong desire to share his knowledge with others, he first started teaching small yoga programs in schools in rishikesh and later began teaching Hatha, ashtanga yoga - primary series, ashtanga yoga- secondary series, vinyasa yoga, Pranayama, mantra chanting, shatkarma around India. He completed his 200-hour and 300-hour teacher training from Rishikesh, India. Yogi Ajay's strong foundation in teaching making him one of the great yoga teacher in rishikesh he is very good in explaining things in his classes.


Mr. Aatm Gaurav (Philosophy Teacher)

Mr. Aatm Gaurav carried an insatiable urge and enquiry about the meaning of life. Since his very young age, he used to be engaged in deep philosophical discussions with friends. Over the last 20 years, Aatm Gaurav, initiated into neo-sanyaas by Swami Prem Samdarshi, an enlightened mystic, and named as Swami Aatm Gaurav, has conducted several meditation retreats across the country. He constantly uses his inner creativity in finding newer ways and dimensions that help people in having a holistic attitude towards life which is a complete life affirmative approach.